Critical Thinking with Kate


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How to keep critical thinking alive

Throughout your career you constantly want to improve yourself and others. One of the instruments for that is your thinking. But how do you think?

What are your ways and personal practices to become a better thinker in order to have more and better impact? Do you feel the need and desire to explore that?

10 sessions of personal practice

Together with Kathryn Hamm, Lynn University Florida, we designed 10 sessions of personal practice for you.

These sessions are the easiest and most fun way to take another big step in thinking and asking good and super strong questions. This online training in critical thinking will be impacting your work, thoughts and conversations through the Powerful Art of Questioning.

‘Kate is one of the rare personalities combining philosophical practice and academic work on the subject. Her skills, both didactically and philosophically are excellent’ Bram Brouwer, programme director BvTF

Thinking requires maintenance

These sessions are personal practices in itself. Not lose and unclear sessions. It is where to find inspiration, design ánd the growth for and of a personal practice. It is another next step stemming from an inner felt disposition of wisdom.

‘They asked if everything was ok, when I told them I was doing a philosophy leadership course, but not anymore!’


This series consists of 10 online video sessions. The are planned in the beginning of the evening 1830 – 2030 u. in 2023: February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 9th, June 6th, July 3rd, Sept 6th, Sept 25th, Oct 17th, Nov 7th.

NB Seats are limited. Yes! De sessies zijn in het engels.